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"NightLock" Blueberry Pie

One more Hunger Games inspired recipe for you. I made a “Nightlock” Berry Pie, perfect for the summer season, and future DVD release parties. It’s my version of a traditional blueberry pie. I use some unusual spices, and slightly less sugar than most recipes to showcase the fruit. I promise this one isn’t really poisonous. Visually what makes this pie special is the freehand drawn and cut Mockingjay skull with a crossed bone-and-arrow I used as topping. To make the stencil I used a simple ballpoint pen on a piece of cardstock, which I then cut out with scissors. The only tricky part is I used a toothpick to draw the eye sockets and nostril cavities in the dough itself.
I made this in celebration of a co-worker who was unfortunately transferred to another store. Since he was leaving us after a stellar 10 years, I jokingly told him he was dead to us. Not true at all, John is actually the founder and generous host of our little book club. He’s read The Hunger Games, so he wa…

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