Monday, January 9, 2012

Maraschino Marzipan Kisses

On a day-to-day basis I lead a 90% Paleo Diet lifestyle. I try to avoid heavily processed foods, sugar, legumes (especially soy) and most of all gluten. Although, I believe a diet isn’t really a success without the freedom to cheat every now and then- so I continue to bake regularly. And on the rare occasion an awesome gluten-free alternative recipe comes across my path I get twice as excited about it.
 A couple months ago a wonderful co-worker of mine discovered a gluten-free baking book she was kind enough to let me borrow.  The book was Blackbird Bakery Gluten-Free 75 Recipes for Irresistible Desserts and Pastries by Karen Morgan. There were so many delicious looking things inside I could hardly decide where to start. Morgan’s Maraschino-Marzipan Kisses is the first recipe I’ve attempted from the book. These were so amazing, I definitely didn’t care or notice the fact there isn’t any wheat flour or butter used! They were super quick to whip up and baked in a flash to a perfect soft-cookie texture.

I ended up making these cookies twice in one week for two separate events. On the second batch I ran out of sliced almonds, so I rolled the cookies in finely chopped pistachios; and talk about a happy accident. You could easily substitute pitted fresh cherries when they come back in season for the maraschino (also a good idea if you have sensitivities to food coloring). 
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  1. These cookies were so good because you made them delicious. Thank you for sharing with us.