A Killer Burger

One of my favorite humorous anecdotes from Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, is her constant internal dialogue about food. Camping for three months, surviving on jerky, water, and dried fruits will corner you into some seriously unsatisfied cravings. Not any lemonade will do, only Snapple lemonade can quench your thirst. A simple cheeseburger at a cheap diner becomes an orgasmic experience.

Thinking about burgers, only one came to mind as the ultimate burger craving: the Peanut-Butter-Pickle-Bacon Burger from Killer Burger. I know it sounds weird. It’s a concoction only a hormonal pregnant woman, or someone smoking some serious green would come up with, but trust me. If this burger sounds disgusting to you, it’s only because you haven’t eaten one yet. It’s killer.
The light smear of mayo, combined with the super-creamy peanut butter sauce creates a messy masterpiece. The pickles aren’t briny but add a similar light salty flavor with the peanut butter with just the right amount of crunch. What doesn’t get better with two strips of crispy bacon? With a 1/3 pound all beef-patty, everything is stacked on a perfect burger bun. All that goodness needs a sturdy base. The buns are super-soft, but more importantly do not fall apart as you’re eating. Be warned, you will still need a few napkins for this one.
I heard about Killer Burger from a childhood friend of mine. One of the best suggestions she ever made; the selection at Killer Burgers range from a classic single burger to a blue cheeseburger, a super spicy Jose Mendoza burger, a barnyard burger (topped with ham and an egg), or the PBPB. All burgers come standard with bacon, an excellent start to any menu. Even the veggie burger will come with bacon for you hypocrites out there!
Killed it.
Killer Burger has three locations: Sellwood, Hollywood, and Bingen, WA. Right now Killer Burger is offering a happy hour special on PBPB Burgers, $4.95 for a burger and fries between 2-5, M-F. The restaurant seating is a little limited at the Hollywood location at: 4644 NE Sandy Blvd (47th and Sandy). I would recommend planning on getting a burger to go, or go on a sunny day and enjoy a seat outside at one of the sidewalk picnic tables.


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