Shawarma, Tastes Like The Weekend

            I saw The Avengers opening day, at the cozy St. John’s Theater in north Portland. We watched the film in 2D for the bargain price of 5 dollars.  The film was superb, completely meeting every expectation. It was better than the hype. Almost as good as my Captain America Cookies. So yesterday, I took my younger brother to see the movie. Along with a friend, we decided to invest a little more in our experience, seeing the film for the second time, in IMAX 3D.
Holy jewelry heist Batman- it was worth every penny!
The Dark Knight Rises has a lot to live up to come July. There are reasons the plan for Avengers 2 has already been made public. If you stayed to watch the credits at the end of The Avengers, you’ll already know who the villain will be in the sequel.
Amused to say the least, we left the theater craving shawarma. If you were foolish enough to leave the theater before the end of all the credits you missed out on two bonus scenes. In the second scene (spoiler alert) our heroic team indulges in the Middle Eastern cuisine mentioned at the conclusion of the battle scene.
If you don’t know what shawarma is, don’t feel bad; I didn’t totally understand either before. I always assumed it was just a sandwich. Shawarma actaully refers to the style in which meat is cooked. Shawarma is marinated lamb, beef, chicken, or a mixture of meats, stacked onto a vertical spit and slowly roasted. Meat is shaved off and can be served on its own with sides and condiments, but is traditionally also served in pita bread as a sandwich.
Living in Portland, the city of roses and food carts we have many Middle Eastern stops dotted around our urban space. Gyros are a popular choice, easily available fast food, and tasty to boot. Nicholas Restaurant on SE Grand is one of my favorite Middle Eastern places in the city, especially for a sit-down meal. But, I’m a down-home, street food loving kind of girl too.
This weekend we’ve had stellar weather in Portland. Thus far, 2 days of no rain, 80+-degree weather and endless sunshine; with at least 5 more days to go. In May this is unheard of. This afternoon I spent my sunshine-filled hours reading a book at Waterfront Park, near Saturday Market, and appeased my shawarma craving. You know you want one. The weekend is far from over. 


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